Papadopoulos Ioannis

  • Finishing his Master in Product Design at IHU
  • Studied Physics in AUTH
  • Simulations development on Modeling of Thermoelectric Devices
  • Product design

Blatsios Spyros

Project Manager
  • Cand. Phd in AI in Education.
  • Masters of Science in Information Systems / Bachelor in Physics.
  • Project manager in more than 20 projects

Papadopoulos Anestis

Project Manager
  • Bachelor in Physics
  • Post graduate studies in New Technologies in Science Education
  • Project manager since 1997 in more than 40 projects
  • Director at Platon Schools

Dr. Hasanuzzaman Mohammed

Senior Researcher
  • PhD. in Machine Learning of University of Caen
  • Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland.  
  • Expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning/Deep Learning applications, data analytics and data mining.

Batzogiannis Ilias

  • Cand. Phd in New technologies in STEM
  • Master in New technologies and Research in the Physics Teaching
  • Holds Bachelor in Physics

Papadopoulos Petros

Chief Technology Officer
  • Stud. of Mechanical Engineering in AUTH
  • Developer of XR apps for Culture, Tourism, Health, Education, Training and Industry
  • UNITY Digital Games Designer
  • Simulations development on Renewable Energy Systems

Papavramidis Filaretos

  • Cand. Phd. in Robotics applications
  • Bsc. in  Software Engineer.
  • Master in App Development for Creative Industries
  • Software Engineer
  • Expert in 3D Reconstructions

Papadopoulos Alexandros

  • Stud. of Electr.  Engineering in AUTH
  • Web developer
  • Head technician of Thessaloniki Time Machine project

Moysidou Evgenia

Educator – Story scripter
  • Master in Ancient Greek and Roman History
  • Bachelor in History and Archaeology

    Platsa Kyriaki Marina

    Marketing & Strategic Organisation Design
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Law , Faculty of Law, AUTH
    • Master in Transnational and European Commercial Law, IHU, Thessaloniki
    • Master in Commercial Law, Faculty of Law, AUTH