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Solidarity and Anti-bullying – AR fairytale (2017)


AR advertisement for Global Trading (Swiss company) (2018)


AR and VR advertisement, restaurant menu and museum app for Gallaria coffe bar-museum (2018)

European project

«ANEMELO-Augmented reality and NEw MEdia against onLine prOmotion of unhealthy foods» Erasmus+ (2017-2019)

Platon School

AR advertisement for school (2020)

"3D: Deter Dion’s Disaster"

An environmental awareness 3D Unity game (2014)


Game based learning in a school education” – Erasmus+ (2016-2018)


Mobile math-learning for 7-8 yrs. old (2017)

Platon Schools e-learning

Development and support of distance learning platform of PLATON schools

"Student Talent Bank"

Development and support of website, e-learning platform (Moodle) and forum of the “Student Talent Bank” in 7 languages – Erasmus+ project (2017-2019)


Game Based Teaching” – Erasmus+ (2018-2020)


StudEnts fight food and packaging waste throuGh entrepreneurial education and Game-baSed learning” – Erasmus+ (2019-2021)

COVID-19 animation video

Animation video for kids and parents concerning COVID-19 (2020)

Images & Videos

STEM in Action; Open Educational Resources for Teachers

Erasmus+ (2020-2022)

Τhe project will create free, interactive and participatory online courses for teachers which focuses on using digital technology and the creative Science