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Discover the world like never before with Pi Card—the revolutionary Augmented Reality postcard app that transforms ordinary travel souvenirs into extraordinary experiences.

Augmented Reality Health Education App

This app gives students the opportunity to develop their skills and practice in the practical field.

Augmented Reality Exhibition at Larissa – World War I Soldier

“From the Wheel to Artificial Intelligence: A Brief History of Innovation”. Through the app World War I Soldier comes to life and takes us to another era, telling his story.

Augmented Reality Museum of Katerini – The 12 Gods of Olympus

Ministry of Culture, Museum Activities – Good Practice Example
Design and development of an interactive Augmented Reality application at the Museum of Katerini (for students 9 to 16 yrs.). The application and the Museological Educational program that accompanies it will help students to develop a deeper understanding of Mythology, enabling them to identify solutions to problems, dilemmas or decision making.              Learn More.

Augmented Reality Exhibition at Larissa – Leonardo da Vinci

In collaboration with JOIST Innovation Park
Design and development of an Augmented Reality application that brings Da Vinci to life

Pierikos F.C.

XR Striker – XR and AI on Fan Engagement. Concept of Full go-to-stadium experience with AR/VR anywhere you are 

Platon School

AR advertisement for school

European project

«ANEMELO-Augmented reality and NEw MEdia against onLine prOmotion of unhealthy foods» Erasmus+ 


AR and VR advertisement, restaurant menu and museum app for Gallaria coffe bar-museum


AR advertisement for Global Trading (Swiss company)


Solidarity and Anti-bullying – AR fairytale


"3D: Deter Dion’s Disaster"

An environmental awareness 3D Unity game


Game based learning in a school education” – Erasmus+ 


Mobile math-learning for 7-8 yrs. old 

Platon Schools e-learning

Development and support of distance learning platform of PLATON schools

"Student Talent Bank"

Development and support of website, e-learning platform (Moodle) and forum of the “Student Talent Bank” in 7 languages – Erasmus+ project


Game Based Teaching” – Erasmus+ 


StudEnts fight food and packaging waste throuGh entrepreneurial education and Game-baSed learning” – Erasmus+

COVID-19 animation video

Animation video for kids and parents concerning COVID-19

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Take a look at some of the websites and e-shops that were designed or developed by Pi Tech.


A groundbreaking and easy to use platform that automates business management and organization. Built for all kinds of businesses in the hospitality sector.


STEM in Action; Open Educational Resources for Teachers

Erasmus+ (2020-2022)
Τhe project will create free, interactive and participatory online courses for teachers which focuses on using digital technology and the creative Science

“Integrating Digital Competence for Consumers in secondary education through Digital Games Based Learning co creation approach – DigiComConsumer” (2021-2023)

Erasmus+ KA220
The project  aim to provide practical solution for the introduction of digital consumer education into school curricula, for students aged 14 to 16 years. To do so, it is important to provide teachers with up to date training that reflects the rapid development of information and communication technology and support them in adopting collaborative and innovative practices in the field of consumer education. This will be done through the development of specialized pedagogical materials and educational resources on consumer education that are based on Game based learning technics.