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π – tech actively involves itself in the design of advanced educational materials, both conventional and electronic. The main aim is the exploitation of state-of-the-art technologies in the education process so as to enhance teaching and learning. The tools developed within the framework of educational projects are the result of cooperation and joint efforts amongst specialists from a variety of academic fields, with a major focus on information technology, teaching and learning studies.

Areas of expertise

e-Learning Tools - e-Learning Organisational Issues -  Mobile Learning - Gamification

Game-based co-creation - Collaborative Learning - Curriculum Content Design

Educational Systems Design - Virtual Learning Environments - Web-based Learning

Delivery Systems and Environments - Edutainment





Labours of Hercules An app for smart phones / tablets that make the myth come alive. Display a 3D VR video of the myth with narration and text.

Bonnobuddy – This app helps parents to Learn, Evaluate, Analyze & Predict their kids curriculum performance at school

Study center -   This app is the official one for the popular Allen institute, works as collage bag for students. All the books are pre loaded on 10’ tablet.

Brainstorming - is an application which is useful to give online examination in specific period of time and submit to server. In this app are provided different essay topics and types of examples. Examination can be send by Facebook or Twitter or email. 

It is developed on Android, iPhone ,  iPad


Online Examination Platform



Educational Robotics