Our Escape Room - Presented in INTED 2018

Our Escape Room - Presented in INTED 2018

Escape rooms have become really popular for people in a wide range of age. These are rooms with closed doors, locked drawers, riddles and puzzles that make participants solve them in order to finally get out of the room. Therefore, this research is trying to take advantage of this trend by co-design and co-creation of an escape room by students themselves.



Ilias Batzogiannis1, Evripidis Hatzikraniotis2, Anestis Papadopoulos1

1Pi Tech (Greece)

2Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)


STEM is an acronym for Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics, which bridges the above disciplines together. Due to declining interest of students towards science, the motivation of students for STEM becomes important.

The students that take part in this research are 16 year olds and they attend the first class of the Greek lyceum.

They had to design a fully-working scenario (story) for the escape room that is interesting to play.

Students had to do research in finding the appropriate and meaningful riddles, puzzles and quizzes which are related to everyday life and then design and engineer the operations for unlocking drawers and doors. 

This research aims to get students motivated in studying STEM subjects, by co-creation of an “escape room”.The results from this work indicate that students’ engagement with co-creation of an “escape room” helps them to discover the “real” science hidden behind these games, to realize what they learn in STEM informal classes and thus to enhance their motivation towards STEM.