Design and Development of Information Technologies

Provision of services and solutions for the total or partial processing of every design, development, implementation

and integration of applications and / or IT infrastructure project.


Driven by local, regional and global challenges;

- Bring together citizens, experts, teams and institutions of the region

- Establish synergies with institutions worldwide boosting innovation and creativity

- Apply a co-design, co-creation and interdisciplinary approach

- Develop implement and deliver solutions, services and products



design of advanced educational materials, both copnventional and electronic. The main aim is the exploitation of state-of-the-art technologies in the education process so as to enhance teaching and learning.

design and develop apps, VR games for culture, entertainment, tourism. Using game-based approaches, promote services that focus on a wide variety of objectives.

offer innovative solutions on urban green energy efficiency, citizen well being, communication platforms, smart apps.

create plans for a holistic and strategic approach on Urban/Rural Design and Landscape Architecture.

design, develop and optimize plans on renewable energy systems for power and heating/cooling

offers reliable and cost effective Non-Destructive testing by X-Ray Computed Tomography of advanced, composite, nano materials and 3D replication.

offer management services that cover the lifetime of a project, from the apprehension of an idea and its important designing to administration, communication and labeling.

explore basic issues in manipulation, mobile robotics, control, motion, planning, graphics and is currently working together with Higher Educational Institutions and industry partners on the development of a Robotic-arm project and Robotic Vision projects.

design and develop ICT solutions for Health, Well-Being, Ageing and Personalized Coaching.